About us

Pike & Predators is packed with tactics and techniques for the freshwater pike and predator angler. It is the monthly magazine for the angler who likes to go fishing for pike, zander, wels catfish, perch and other freshwater predators. The magazine features articles on all aspects of pike and pike fishing – dead baits and live baits, fishing from boats and from the bank, lure fishing for pike, as well as fishing for other species like perch, wels catfish and zander.

Every month Pike & Predators is full of the latest cutting-edge techniques in this rapidly evolving sport. We regularly feature all types of venues including the Fens, the Norfolk Broads, reservoirs, The Lake District, Loch Lomond and other Scottish Lochs and Irish Loughs.

There is also plenty of coverage of catfish, zander, perch and eels, along with fishing for predators in other countries.