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Dear Reader,

Predator Publications Limited, the publisher of Pike & Predators, has decided to cease publication of the magazine. The last issue will be issue 236 (July 2017) which is on sale digitally from 08th June 2017, and 15th June 2017 for newsstand copies.

If you are a subscriber, we are offering readers with print subscriptions to Pike & Predators the following two options.

  • Full refund for the remaining issues on their subscription.
  • Credit at Gifts4Anglers.co.uk for the value of the remaining issues on their subscription.

Please call 01430 440624 during office hours to arrange one of the above options.

If you have a digital subscription, please contact help@pocketmags.com if you would like to transfer your remaining credit to another title on the Pocketmags platform. If you would prefer to receive a refund please follow the contact details on your most recent purchase receipt to request a refund.

Yours faithfully,

Mick Clifford